Is it time for a new garage door? Is your door bent or warped? Is your door extremely hard to open or faded, giving your home a drab look? Our professional garage door installers at Greeley Garage Doors can make your home have that new street appeal once more.

When choosing a garage door we have found that a personal appointment to go through all of the doors available is always the best way to approach a major renovation project like a new garage door.

Here are the normal steps to selecting a new garage door.

  • Size of garage door
  • Panel style
  • Panel color
  • Standard or insulated panels
  • With or without windows

Garage Door Size

2-car garage doors are 16′ wide x 7′ high or 18′ wide x 7′ high and 1-car garage doors are generally 9′ wide x 7′ high. However, garage doors can be manufactured to accommodate just about any size. Some of today’s custom homes have different sized doors to accommodate the design.

Pick Panel Type, Color, and Material

In today’s market there are many panel types. We have all the information and pictures you will need whether it is to match what you already have or go a different and unique design. Colors are usually white, almond, brown, tan, and sandstone. The door can be painted at a later time to match any paint theme for the house or neighborhood.

Choose Standard or Insulated Panels

Standard or Insulated Garage Door PanelsYou can choose to have your garage door panels insulated or not.

Displayed on the right is a comparison between the standard door (left image) and on the right is the insulated door (right image).

Depending on the orientation of the sun you might want to consider insulated panels. Here in Colorado insulated doors can keep the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Choose a Door With or Without Windows

Garage Door With or Without WindowsOn the right you see a bright red door without windows and on the right you see a wood door with windows. When deciding with or without windows think about the design of your house, weather conditions, and budget.

Our team of professionals can help you with this decision as well as the entire process.

Garage Door - Mahogany WoodNo matter how large or small your garage door is Greeley Garage Doors can handle the job quickly and efficiently. We will haul away and dispose of the old door and leave the job clean and neat.

Further you will be surprised at our pricing. We are very competitive and pride ourselves on being fair. Greeley Garage Doors will give you a free estimate and discuss the entire job with you at your convenience.

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